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Author: Piyush Aggarwal, I year of B.B.A.,LL.B. from Geeta Institute of Law

Men have been the majority for many years, while women have been the minority. Men made the money, while women took care of the house and children. They, too, lacked rights.Things began to shift gradually as time passed.They aren't ideal, though.In today's world, gender inequality is still a major problem. As a result, this gender inequality essay will focus on its consequences and possible solutions.

Gender inequality refers to how people are treated unequally and unfairly based on their gender. Gender roles that are socially created produce this inequity. It occurs when a person of one gender is treated differently or worse than a person of the other gender in the same situation. Gender disparity has generated problems in a number of Middle Eastern countries, including India.

In simple terms, gender inequality or discrimination refers to the separation and treatment of people based on their gender.It begins in the womb of a woman.Illegal sex determination methods continue to be used in many parts of India, and if the result indicates that the child is a girl, female foeticide is often carried out. India, gender disparity is the primary cause of population growth. Couples with female children strive for a male kid, believing that a male child will bring blessings to the family. In India, the gender ratio is skewed heavily.

What people think about gender inequility? People in various parts of the world celebrated the International Women's Day for the first time ninety-three years ago.There have been significant changes in people's perceptions of gender disparity over the last ninety-three years.We already live in a modern society where both men and women contribute, so why should women be subjected to such inequity? In general, this type of disparity has persisted for a long time in every part of the world, regardless of location ( Chang n.d.). Now is the time for the entire globe to work together to eliminate this outdated notion. The Nobel Committee concluded that we cannot achieve democracy and peace until women are given equal rights and opportunities. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that boosting women's participation in the economy and enhancing their productivity is the key to economic recovery (cited Sharma & Keefe 2011). People cannot undervalue the role of education in the economy-education relationship. People must invest in their education in order for the economy to thrive. In terms of solutions, establishing gender-sensitive schools is a critical step toward creating a pleasant learning and teaching environment. Improving a gender-sensitive curriculum that reflects national policy on gender equality to instruct is also required in order to help females feel more secure in learning (Clarke 2005, p.11) Fortunately, there have been many positive responses to gender equality recently, giving people hope for a more equitable world in the future.

Methods to measure Gender Equality

The following approaches can be used to quantify gender equality and track a country's growth.The Gender Development Index (GDI), like the Human Development Index, is a gender-based metric.Gender Empowerment Measure is a measure for calculating the percentage of women in decision-making positions.Economic involvement, education, and empowerment are all factors in the Gender Equity Index (GEI).The Global Gender Gap Index measures gender disparity across four dimensions: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, health, and survival.

Impact of gender inequlity?

The most serious difficulty we have is that many people still consider gender inequity to be a female concern.We refer to all genders, including male, female, transgender, and others, when we say "gender."All genders, particularly the underprivileged ones, may live their lives freely when they are empowered.Furthermore, gender disparity prevents people from expressing themselves freely. In the end, it obstructs and jeopardises their prospects.Fighting gender inequality has historically resulted in societies that are peaceful and secure.A wage gap exists due to gender discrimination.It also makes particular genders vulnerable to violence and discrimination. They are also objectified and subjected to socioeconomic inequity. All of this leads to extreme anxiety, despair, and even low self-esteem.As a result, we must all acknowledge that gender inequity damages all genders.This gender inequality article will show you how to work together to stop these long-term impacts.

How to fight with genderinequility?

Gender inequality is a long-standing problem that will not be solved overnight.Likewise, attaining equality will be difficult. To begin, we must break it down and give it time to vanish.To begin, we must concentrate on eliminating this issue through education. To put it another way, we need to train our children to challenge gender norms they've been exposed to since they were little.Likewise, it is critical to guarantee that they maintain the same beliefs until they reach retirement age.We need to demonstrate to them that sports are not gendered. We also need to encourage labour equality.Some individuals feel, for example, that women are incapable of performing particular tasks as well as males. This isn't the case, though.


Overall, men and women are required to keep humanity going. As a result, inequity is doomed to fail.To complete the gender inequality article, we must abandon old-fashioned values and attitudes. We need to instil equality and respect in everyone, particularly the boys.It will take a lot of time and effort, but it is doable.We can work together to ensure that all genders have equal respect and opportunities.


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