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Author: Japkaran Sandhu, II year of B.B.A.,LL.B. from Geeta Institute of Law

First of all we know about female genital mutilation [FGM] is a procedure in which female genital are cut, injured or changed without any medical reason for is it to be done. This types of practice is a major concern in the world there are four types of female genital mutilation are clitoridectomys, excision infibulation, all are the harmful procedures not covered by the first three including pricking ,stretching , scraping or even use of acid to mutilates part of the genital area. There’s a question arises why FGM is being procedures in all over the world in fact it is not a medical and have zero health benefits and it is also not essential religion practices then why FGM practices is to be done? When the girls are minor in the age in that age FGM is practiced because to prevent from sexual intercourse or you can say not to lose her virginity until her marriage to enhancing sexual pleasure to male. It’s just for male sexual pleasure that’s why FGM is performed how strange and cruel. FGM practicing is violating the rights following girls and women right to life, right to physical integrity , right to health and gender equality. How it will affect the health of women? FGM is very painful procedure it will affect the health of women in many ways mentally, physically, socially. In physically women faced many problems like pain, problem in menstruate, problems urinating, infectionand complication in child birth. In mentally women’s are suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem, post-traumaticstress, mood disorders and in socially it is also a socialtaboo also.


Somalia is the main United States in FGM with 98% of ladies among the long time of 15 and forty nine years present process the exercise. Guinea, Djibouti, and Egypt additionally have extra than 90% in their ladies among the equal a long time going for circumcision. However, Egypt has the very best quantity of ladies who've gone through FGM with a complete of 27.2 million ladies accompanied through Ethiopia (23.eight million), Nigeria (19.nine million), and Sudan (12.1 million). Gambia is the main United States with the chance of a woman being circumcised due to the fact her mom become circumcised with 72% of the ladies prone to FGM. In those nations, the bulk of the ladies have been reduce earlier than their 5th birthday through a conventional practitioner. Most of them had their genitalia reduce with a few flesh removed. Social attractiveness is stated because the predominant motive and contributing component to FGM in maximum of those nations.


In maximum nations wherein FGM/Cutting is common, the bulk of ladies and ladies suppose that the exercise must be encouraged. In Benin and Ghana, 93% of the ladies and ladies are in aid of FGM/C. Also, in Kenya, Iraq, Niger, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Tanzania, over 85% of ladies and ladies aid the exercise. However, the exercise has the least aid amongst ladies and ladies in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Gambia wherein much less than 30% of the ladies aid the exercise.


Female genital mutilation is not legalised in India. FGM is also practised in India byDawood bohra Muslim community is a set of one million people in India, 75% of bohra community followed this practices in India as well as smaller bohra like Suleimani and alavi bohras.


A women named Fatima was experienced that horrible practice she is the older sister of insia Dariawala and later she was co-founder of Sahiyo organization and four other women’s with her because impact of FMG practice Dariawala avoided FGM because her mother took stand against FGM practice when she knows about what happened with Fatima. Sahiyo is the one of leading organization to stop the FGM practices

ROLE OF MUSLIM dariawala noted that female genital mutilation is not a pre Islamic practise. It is not followed by all Islamic group, in fact QURAN the holy book of Islam does not mention it. However, the daim al-Islam a religious text that bohra community can follow this practices.

Why India becomes hub of FMG?

Because bohra community spread over western countries like Pakistan, India, Yemen, east Africa and in some part of America and Australia In India bohra community divided in two sect Sunnis and Shias they were found in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra.

India is now becoming a hub of FGM because legal action taken by Australia and America against FMG, Australia sentenced 15 month jail to 3 dawoodi bohras in case female genital mutilation in 2016 and united states of America arrested two doctors in cutting of female reproductive part of six girl in 2017.

CONCLUSION female genital mutilation is a very horrible experienced that are faced by women’s in all over world FGM is violating the rights of women’s in the Age of growing, learning and doing fun activities. In that age some community thinks that doing such practices is hygienic and religion practices in fact it is not written in QURAN the holly book of religion giving that pain to women is a good for just giving virgin female and pure sexual pleasure to male I think this practices should be banned by all over world it is also not a medical procedure it will done by bohra community head. I shocked to hear that in some countries women’s are in support of FGM. In India FGM is also practising by some community it should be banned by law this types of hilarious practices we want’s rights of women women’s have rights to live freely, women has their own choice what they want, Right to life and physical integrity, Right of child. According to the UNICEF data 200 MILLION GIRLS IN 30 COUNTRIES are undergoing the process of FGM and EVERY YEAR ALMOST 3 MILLION GIRLSand WOMENS ON THE RISK OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION.


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