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Author: Alisha, IV year of B.A.,LL.B. from Hamdard Institute of Legal Studies and Research, Jamia Hamdard University

Abstract Crime and violence are the most incessant crime against women occurring across the world. Physical and sexual abuse execute by husband or family members on women can have deep physical and psychological impact preventing the victim from ruling a normal life. Crime of such nature are persistent and extensively occurring in India. Low position of education and socio -economic background is a significant factor in domestic violence. One of the main reasons for crimes against women is the chiefly male dominated Indian society. In the face of laws to protect women from being victims of domestic violence, it is found that inequality which exists between gender, caste, class, sexual orientation and ability manifests itself in crimes against women. Stricter laws will help to reduce these crimes but this is not enough. what is required is social and cultural awakening to stop crimes against women.

Introduction In the present situation, the violence and increasing crimes against women are seen by everyone around the world in some form or the other. This is indicating the enormity andseriousness of the demons committed against women in recent years. The global crusade for the extermination of violence against women is proof to this fact.The change in standard of living, lifestyle, imbalance in the economic growth, changes in social ethos and exiguous concern for the moral values contributes to a roguish outlook towards women due to which there is multiplication in crimes against women. Furthermore, such incidents are matter of solemnly concerns and its structure is absolutely necessary so that the women of India could live with respect, honour dignity, liberty and peace in an atmosphere free from beastliness, denigration and heinous crime.

Crime against women The expression "crimes againstwomen" also knownas "violence againstwomen" or "gender – based violence" signifies fierce and actual demonstrations which are seriously coordinated towards women or girls. Any direct or indirect physical or mental torture to women or crimes in which women are victims are identified as crime against women.

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”. This quote is given by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. It states that the conditions of women depict the social, economic & mental state of nation.

Crime against women in India is refer to physical, emotional or sexual assault carry out against women. It can be in the form of domestic violence, sexual harassment, acid attack, eve teasing, chain snatching, cybercrimes (bullying, abuse, violence, pornography), dowry deaths, staking, rape, and assault to outrage modesty. The main reason behind it gender discrimination which is present in our society. According to national crime record bureau (NCRB) 455 lakh cases registered against women and even more have not recorded that really makes our country India one of the most unsafe country for women.

There were more than 40%o of domestic violence cases in the lockdown phase due to covid 19 that’s why the national commission for women (WCW) had to launch wats app number toreport these cases. Women are constantly facing and suffering from many threats like ranging from molestation forcible intercourse, harassment at workplace, carnal rape, domestic violence, and dowry system to honour killings. These are palpable crimes against women and due to covid 19 the situation has became worse than before that’s why India also degraded at 140th rank in global gender gap report 2021 produced by world economic forum. As we know that India is male dominated society and due to male dominance, most of the women have been facing exploitation and oppression at every step oftheir lives.

Metropolitan are infamous for heinous crimes like rape and acid attack etc. for example Nirbhaya case of Delhi and Lakshmi Aggarwal case she is an India acid attack survivor, she was attacked in 2005 in new Delhi. For checking such crimes, pilot projects for ‘safe city program’ is launched by the government. There is one death every hour due to domestic violence because of dowry. To examine this, government came up with dowry prohibition act 1961 and domestic violence prevention act 2005. In the aftermath of ‘kathua rape case’ government came up with ‘Protection of children against sexual offences (POSCO) act 2012 which aims to provide protection to children against sexual abuse.

There need to be more strict laws for protecting women, fast track courts also exist for crime against women, training centres should be opened for self-defence.

Crime againstwomen (glimpses of Indian penal code)

Kidnapping The term abducting alludes to one or the other grabbing from India or capturing from legitimate guardianship. Sec 360 of the IPS states that whoever conveys any individual past India without his agree is said to capture that individual from India and whoever takes an away a minor (16yrs in the event of male and 18 yrs. if there should arise an occurrence of female) without his assent or the gatekeepers agree is said seize that individual from legitimate guardianship (sec 361). The discipline for this object is up to 7 year and fine. Sec 366 of IPS characterizes grabbing. Stealing or instigating lady to urge her marriage and strong sexual relations for which the guilty party can be rebuffed with detainment up to 10 years and fine.

Eve teasing Eve Teasing is a code word utilized for public lewd behaviour or attack of women by men. It is an issue in the ongoing youth. A type of sexual hostility ranges in seriousness from sexual comments, brushing and whistles to grabbing. Sec 509 of the IPC states that whoever planning to affront the humility of any women, articulates any word, makes any sound or signal or displays any article which encroaches upon the protection of such woman will be rebuffed with detainment up to 3 years and fine.

Chain snatching theft against women limits to chain-snatching and different resources. This is a typical issue of current culture. Advanced age ladies are the most impacted class of these wrongdoings. The wrongdoers likewise mask themselves as police authorities and request that ladies provide theirresources for the motivation of security. It is exposed to Sec 378 of IPC.

Rape Rape is a lot more extensive term to be characterized and its degree is of more extensive viewpoint. It is the most considered normal wrongdoing against women and the Indianculture and framework has neglected to end this offensive wrongdoing. The world is considering India to be a country of rapist. The numbers have expanded immensely. The law framework has bombed absolutely. The offense can be sorted in different viewpoints as an assault of a minor girl, rape of woman (Sec 376), rape with murder (Sec 376A), rape in families, rape by community workers (Sec 376C), gang – rape (Sec 376 D), marital rapes (Sec 376B). The punishment for these offenses ranges from detainment up to 7 years to 20 years or Life detainment and also fine.

Domestic violence Domestic violence at home is one more term which is normal in our country as women were and are viewed as the sub-par layers of human culture. The brain research was that the man procured and worked outside so he reserved the option to do anything with his significant other. Yet, with time, the pattern changed and presently women similarly work. These demonstrations of viciousness incorporate beating, rape, constrained sex and so on. Sec 498A of Domestic ViolenceAct, 2005 characterizes 1year punishment and fine. Cyber crimes

In the realm of innovation, India also had progressed itself in innovation and the ladies are an equivalent piece of it. Yet, the unhealthy personalities have not passed on any opportunity to affront women in the cyber world as well. There are a few cyber-crimes like bulling, abusing, pornography and so on which are going on every day against women. These violations have a few punishments under the Information Technology Act, 2000 which goes from detainment up to 3yearr to L.I. also, fine.

Dowry death The malicious act of taking dowry in marriage is as yet normal in the rustic areas of India which whenever went against results to passings of women slowly. The quantity of suchpassings has expanded in the new year.

Acid attack However, offer of acids without legitimate data have been prohibited by the public authority of India, Acid attack are still in pattern to compromise women and hurt them. Sec 326A and 326B of IPC states that whoever deliberately tosses corrosive for intolerable hurt or an attack will be rebuffed with imprisonment up to 7yrs to L.I. also, fine.

Stalking Stalking is another wrongdoing in pattern against women. stalking means breaking the protection of women by following or normal contacts or checking on web or some other electronic correspondence. Whoever really does so will be rebuffed with imprisonment up to 3yrsto 5yrs and fine.

Assault to Outrage modesty Whoever attacks or uses criminal power planning to outrageher modesty (1yr-5yrsdetainment) or stripping her or convincing her to be bare (3yrs-7yrs detainment) are obligated under Sec 354 and Sec354B individually.

Conclusion Despite the quantity of regulations to secure and protect the privileges and premium of the ladies, the pace of wrongdoing against ladies and exploitation is expanding step by step. It is all around said that both partiesdeserve equal credit here. It suggests that main regulations are not dependable to manage and control the expansion of the violations against ladies in our general public. The concealment of hostile stares on ladies and teaching of social morals, ethics and values, regard and distinction in each person towards ladies is the need of great importance and is an enhancement factor that can similarly contribute in diminishing the quantity of violations against ladies. Notwithstanding, there is an exigency of additional severe and rigid regulations with the goal that any individual meaning to perpetrate such wrongdoings couldn't mess up the mental fortitude to act in assistance of hisaim.

Extreme penalty should be mandatory for heinous crimes like gang rape, acid attack, sexual assault, etc. the cases like Laxmi Aggarwal case, kathua kand and Nirbhaya gang rape put a question mark on women’s right to live with dignity.

India, a country where women were worshiped as DEVI is today considered helpless and weak. Patriarchy has established that women are lesser to men and confined only to objects of pleasure and satisfaction. Regardless of these lawful arrangements and disciplines, India has still incapable to stop the savagery against women. women face these wrongdoings in all stages and in varying backgrounds. Assault has turned into a main issue in India because of expanding number of the wrongdoing. Following and retribution porn are at a high between the youthful grown-ups.From the above statistical data points, we can get a harsh thought that mindset of the general public needs an upset than any regulation or resolution.

Sex education in schools, proficiency among females, spreading mindfulness among individuals and a full stop to the man centric society is the answer for these wrongdoings. Aside from that, detailing of cases ought to be supported and the cases ought to be concluded inside a specified timeframe as postpone equity is no equity. The regulation additionally needs to move forward and change the regulations and genuine discipline ought to be given to the lawbreakers. Conjugal assault ought to be condemned as numerous crooks meander indiscriminately under the cover of marriage.



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