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Author: Ishika Rawat, I year of LL.B. from Asian law college ( CCS university )

We have different stages in our life. Every day we feel new and always look for future goals. But this seems small when saying, but spending a day by minutes, it feels heavy for one who suffer at that period. So indirectly I'm saying about the stages of in student's life. Suffering of world can't always categorize by illness or poverty. In the stages of individual life, people face different suffering at different times and ages. At this I would like to introduce a very undiscussed and very much ignorable problem which is child bullying. It is one of most suffering periods which a student passes through while studying in school. It is not essential that every child goes through it. But bullying happened to have in one life throughout a one’s life time. School bullying can be defined as when a student is being dominated by those of other children of same age or different ages in school.


  • In India, when any student is being bullied, what student psychology states: -

A. Firstly, many children couldn't able to understand what is happening with them.

B. If they somehow able to understand what is happening with them or what they are suffering, they won't say it to teacher or parents.

C. If some student happens to tell their problem to teachers, then many teachers won't take any actions due to many reasons, such as: -

1) one of the most foremost things is mature mind which a student while studying in school somehow lack. At this time, teacher won't take them much seriously.

2) Even if teacher knew that child is being bullied, they won't make action, many due to negligence and many think that any action taken can make impact on child and its environment.

  • If parents knew that their child is being bullied: -

i. When family of poor background suffer such problem, they would say to their child "just spend the time until it's end”. In other words, let the child waits school end, everything will end automatically.

ii. In the case of the family of whose background is better than a poor, then they would probably make a complaint but no action will be taken against students other than any warning given.

Sometimes child studying in school, won't make a disclosure of what is happening in school with them to either parent nor school.


There is much recognition of ragging in colleges and there are many laws on ragging as well. But there is nothing about school bullying as such. Sometimes school bullying only remains at school and end it on school but what about if it gets further? And also, what about if school bullying result into heinous crime. It makes impact on child as well as on their parents physically, mentally and psychologically.


1) Australia: - They have step up with anti-bullying committee in each school.

2) China: - China has made strict anti-bullying laws.

3) Japan: - in 2013, Japan introduced a law regarding school bullying.

4) Philippines: - it has made advance anti bullying policies in school and also protect children from physical and psychological abuse.

5) Argentina: - it’s congress has passed a bill to reduce psychology abuse and physical abuse against students in school.


1) Make a law in India regarding school bullying.

2) It should make anti bullying policy.

3) I would like that juvenile justice system could possibly select psychologist all around the India from each state and in every month, they should make a survey in each school so that children would be able to trigger out their problem and get the required and appropriate help.

4) Every school either public or private school should set up psychology counselling room just like physical education, so that each child if faces any mental problems through school bullying will be able to sort out.

5) Each school if they found any case on school bullying, then they should make a proper action other than warning, so that they would not make this mistake again, as it means prosperity, value, moral and peace in school, so that no child would be scare to come school next day.


School is a place where every child enters with the hope of getting education and to make new friends. Every child spends their most id the time in school. In school, a child grows physically, mentally, psychology and educationally as well. The " school bullying " Is the problem which not every student face but in every school, there must be at least one student in each class which goes through this period. That child is never able to speak its problem with other but they do face it.

A child is like an art, whatever shape an artist (teacher, parent and environment) give to it. A child innocence just accepts it.


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