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Author: Monu Yadav, pursuing B.B.A.,LL.B. from Geeta Institute of Law,

Violence against women and girls is defined as any act of gender based violence that results physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women and girls. Violence against women and girls takes many different forms, including domestic violence – sexual assault and harassment, child marriage, sex trafficking so called ‘horror’ crimes and female genital mutilation. It is rooted in the gender inequality that women face throughout their lives from childhood to her old age. It is the most widespread violation of human rights that effects badly to the women life and their communities.

Rapes and non-consensual sexual activities from a large portion of the violence committed against women. Rape is typically the sexual intercourse carried on the women without her consent. Marital rape is also the example of violence against women. It is a non-consensual sexual intercourse carried on between the married couples. Husbands often impose and force themselves upon their wives without her consent. It leads to great deal of abuse and physical molestation committed upon women body. Women have fear of violence in their mind which causes lack of women participation. Fear of violence in the mind of women has been so deep which cannot be out easily. Women have always been considered as a thing of enjoyment in our society. They are the victims of humiliation, exploitation and torture. From the origin of social life in the world so manycenturies came and gone but people’s mind and their environment a lot, but violence against women is not seems to change a bit. According to National Crimes Records Bureau, single woman is raped every 20 minutes.

A big incident of violence happened in Delhi on 16th of December in 2012, a lady of 23 years old got raped by brutal gang. A huge crowd of anger people come out of street and they call for change. The census of 2012 shoes that the crime against women is near about 64% which means average within three minutes a women face violence. In rural areas, the bride usually belonging to a poor household is unable to meet the groom’s high demand for the dowry money. They fail to pay the amount groom ask for. In such cases women also faces verbal and physical abuse of groom. The women is beaten and abused for her family’s incapability to fulfil the dowry. The cases of dowry death are mostly seen in rural areas,even after happening such type of cases regularly in the society, it is not going to change the societal norms against women. These cases happened even after increasing educational level of the people. Such cases happen because of inefficient legal system and weak rules of law. According to research it was found that violence against women begins at her homes in the rural areas by the family members, relatives, neighbours and friends.At least 155 countries have passed laws on domestic violence and 140 have legislation on sexual harassment in their work place. But challenges remain enforcing this laws, the amount of violence committed against women are still increasing day by day.

  • 35% of women suffered violence through her husband and from their families.

  • Approximately 650 million women alive in the today world got married at the age of 15.

  • Globally 38% of murders of women are committed by an intimate partner.

  • And near about 200 million women have experience female genital mutilation.

Violence against women is a blot on the nation and the society also. As long as the women are subjected to violence, the international image of the country is also going to suffer. Also, incident of domestic violence, sexual assaults and other crimes on the women will continuously damages country and obstructs national progress. Therefore, it is the imperative to take stringent counter measures to diminish any kind of violence against women.Ending violence against women is critical to achieving sustainable development. Decades of progress and millions of lives are at stake. Keeping gender based violence at the top of the government agendas and engaging the public is more important than ever. Advocate for more youth violence prevention programs. Get others to speak out against sexual violence stop your sexual advances if the other person says no and encourage others to do the same. The spotlight Initiative a global partnership between European Union and the United Nation, has worked to eliminate all forms of violence against women. It is committed to shift people mind by –

  • Drawing attention on gender discrimination.

  • Working to change the social norms and practices.

  • Increasing public awareness.

  • Creating space for activities and survivors to share their stories.

  • Educating communities about sexual and gender based violence.


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