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Author: Pushpa, II year of B.A., from Delhi University

'Whoever comes and leaves only one person goes on becoming stronger'

Is it only the government’s duty to keep cleanliness? Is it all the government’s duty to make India number one in the world? If all people say yes, then I want to tell all the countrymen neither poverty will be low nor there be atrocities today the poverty rate is 68.%. the government is doing its best. it will not work until humans stand up themselves. until someone rises from the front of the temple and finds work, there will be no work. as long as you keep donating, they will keep donating. If you have to donate, do it in an NGO in gaushala. In birth ashram do not donate on the road because they will never get up and will increase poverty and hence our India will never develop. if India is to be made develop then think of India and support the government as you think about your home whether or not the government should do something on your behalf you can try your best one day, ration and clothes donated can not make India develop if you can give a job, then if you can educate an orphaned child, make a small effort in India well make the besieged develop country and talk crime rate per 100,000 population has increased from 383.5 in 2018 to 385.5 in 2019.

In 2020 the crime rate has reduced because everyone knows that because of the virus but know it will increase again now theft rape kidnapping and much more crime. Whenever there is a crime then everyone goes to the police and only 40% of those cases are solved till date four crores pending cases and these will not be much less because no one wants to work hard the problem is yours to solve police who has no connection with you or never seen you he can help you when someone harasses you mentally or physically if it is suspected that you have to investigate yourself then take the help of police then your case will be solved quickly and if there is a dispute of husband and wife at home then call the police even if you do not want to live together think of taking divorce you also get FIR on it do not know how much such cases will be waiting for sabut was task is to find out all the police and not knowing how many cases are filed daily and their hearing today there are only 30 judges in India in supreme court and the cases will solve four crore , think it is the duty of government has voiced local for vocal can you tell how many have followed it yes yes the product of India is not as branded as the rest of the country but it can be .

So today WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram put the thing used in our childhood today. It has remained just a status why we cannot use all that today while taking the supine we see the quality why we cannot see that it is made in India whether or not. India will develop only when every citizen will see the benefit of the country, along with them poverty unemployment population growth child labour girls education consider all these things and try them all on their behalf and corporate in making India develop. we should do something right for our India we may choose our prime minister but there is a prime minister in us which can change the society around us but not the country

Gandhiji too came out alone and gradually the whole of India became with him .you also do something good .not right for you, for your big family India, we must do something right.

The great leader say: 'you must be the change you wish to see in the world'

The change you want to see in your country, first in yourself. Every person wants cleanliness around him. Every person should have peace all around and want his children to earn their names by reading and writing, they do not have any problem in the coming tomorrow . Think about your country as well, how much loss is going on in our country. Everyone knows this. Somebody also knows how much credit is there in our country. Someone knows which industry will cause growth in our country and which industry should be closed anyone also knows from where our country is weak, every person knows different fields, do not use it and make India a developed country, the farmers' movement is going on in India that is right or wrong everyone’s own when it was to be implemented on the vote, the people of the entire agreed to it, but today when people were against to it, they only told Modi Ji wrongly. if I agree with respect, if the government does not agree, then whatever is the result of farmers, but it is not the loss of the country. If a movement like a farmer movement is carried out with the same enthusiasm, then believe that what did not happen in so many years in the coming it may be possible, but maybe it will never happen,

Bhagat Singh said; if the deaf are to hear the sound has to be very loud when we drop the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody we have bombed the British government the British must quit India and make her free

So will we have to speak loudly to hear the voice even today, our aim is not to hurt anyone, India has to become poor free and debt-free, India has to become develop


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