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Author: Raushni Ranjan Pradhan, IV year of B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.) from Law college Dehradun

INTRODUCTION The word feminism or feminist was first used in France and Netherlands which means “the qualities of females“. The origin of feminism is from Latin word Famina" which means “The Women“. First time the word feminsmused in 1890. The word feminsm was first time coined by Charles forier. The term feminism nowadays refer the political, economic and social equality of all humans and to organize activities on women’s behalf. According to English Dictionary the word feminismmeans “the confidence that women should be allowed the same rights, power and fortuity as men and be delicacy in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state“. Feminism can be simply defined as equality. Feminism is nothing a revolt against the unequal treatment to women.

This movement is based on the to remove the disparity between men and women and to establish egalitarian society. Albeit Government gave the status of enfranchisement to the women but chauvinism society still exists. The feminism deals with equal opportunities not with biological differences. We find that womenis treated unidentical in society and they are consider lower to men this thing grown in mind of women and from therethe feminist movement started. Today’s feminismis direct productof 1960s Women’sMovement but let thinks about the root of this movement that burgeon in 1960s . The radicle of feminist goes in 1792 MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT and her book called A Vindication Of Rights Of Women’s Structures considered as a first book in feminism. In this book she discusses the male writer Milton, Rousseau’s and she talks about how they portrait women and what are the perspectives they expressed in their book.

IMPORTANCE OF FEMINISM Feminism and why remains important, for several years women are bigotry for various reasons they were denied for basic rights and treated as second class citizens. Even today also women is treated unequalon men. Global idea man and women both deserveequal rights within the field of social, political economical etc. The feminist campaign in history marked the importance of women and provided right to vote and right publically property to women. The feminisim isn’t just important for women but for every sex, gender, caste, creed and more. A awfully common misconception is that only women are often feminist it’s absolutely wrong. It derives for equality for women not superiority of women . In other words it benefits both men and women. For instance why it advocates women must be free and therefore the same time it also advocates why man should be head of family. We must always give freedom to all or any most significantly it’s essential for youth to induce people to get indulged in feminism movement . The very famous author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has written book “We should all Be Feminists“ born in September 1977,is a Nigerian writer of fiction and non – fiction. In “ We should All be Feminists “(2012), she shares her opinion on being an African feminist within the twenty first century. She talks about constructive gender that how man and women treated in society at a given point of your time . She shares her thoughts on feminism, sexuality and mix reflections supported on her personal experiences and theoretical observations. The movement we discuss feminism it means rallying for equality ,freedom etc. She contains a somewhat change oriented stance. She views gender construction as a matter of injustice in present day and views anger as capable of bringing about positive change in society. Display faith within the human ability to reinvent themselves. Yes, we should always be Feminists the word feminsm is indeed also connected with a particular movement that has fought very hard to place these items on the social agenda.In essence, it’s about men and women beingequal within the sense of contribute in social life,in life as a full. Feminism isn’t try and take From man but try and raise same level as a person have. Feminism not only implies that you suspectin quality of success. Feminismis all about equity.

First wave of feminism was held at Seneca falls convention (1848) were both men and women accumulate together and talks about women’srights. Second wave of feminismstarted in 1960sduring this wave they talkedabout racism and that they took decisionthat this time the crownof Miss AmericaPageant will be given to black women. The most focus of this wave was the reproduction rights of women. Feminism impliesthat there shouldbe equal rightsgiven to men and women. The liberalfeminism means freedomand there mustn’tbe any discrimination. Socialist feminismsays that discrimination is happening becauseof capitalism. The most disparitywas men use to inducemore wages than women. The fight of feminism is to provide full gender equality in law and in actual practiceand unfasten all kind of disparity betweenmen and women. Traditionally, male phenomenology have denied the importance of the experiential. Feminist epistemology, on the other hand is grounded in the lives realities of women’s lives though this critical perspective often locates feminist as “ other" in malestream disciplines. Within the new millennium many women throughout the globe are campaigning, organizing and dealing simultaneously to boost theirlives. The status of feminismtoday is howeverhighly ambivalent. On the one hand it seems to be clearlysuccessful story that has transformed both dominant ideologies and therefore material conditions of women’s lives which continues to inspire women throughout the world. In many countries of the world today ,youngwomen see legal, economic, political, social, sexualand reproductive rightsand freedoms as obvious entitlements instead of feministdemands. Feminism can seem at the best an out – dated and at the worst a threat to loving relationships between men and women or an anti-male obstacle to genuine equality.Many other women who appear to be pursuing feminist goals reject the feminist label,which they see as elitista kind of political and cultural imperialism on the a part of white, westernwomen who are privileged in most ways.Feminists are profoundly and at times bitterly divided, not only over political priorities and methods, but also over goals.

The feministconcept of patriarchy a term which has an earlier and very differentusage in conventional political theory was first set out by Kate Millett in sexual politics millett argued that in all known societies the relationship between sexes has been based on men's power over women. Concept of patriarchy is said to be descriptive and a historical rather than analytical. It is unable to explain the genesis of hegemonic or to provide a comprehensible strategy for ending it. We should all be feminist is the end of gender and the creationof new human beings who are self- determining and fully participate in the development of their own constantly evolvingsubjectivity. We couldthink of this position as a feminist humanist position. Women as bearer of Indian culture was a very patriarchal construct. Nationalists for instance were praising child marriage, saying it’s a wonderful Indian custom. You can imagine the kind of fraught relationship the kind of tense relationship that would result when women want to continue to petition the British state, saying, we want to raise the age of Marriage. We don’t think it’s a wonderful Indian custom. Which is what these early social reformers, these women, did. This is why when feminism becomes the name of the women’smovement, feminists are frequently accusedof betraying the nation. In India the thought of feminism was that it was influenced by western cultures, and to be a good Indian woman was to be non- western in terms of what made for this very interesting, peculiar and somewhat unique to India,kind of relationship between feminism, Indianculture and the nation.

CONCLUSION The feminist claim that women should have the identical rights and freedoms as men has beenlargely relinquish in western society. Issues like abortion, harassment, domestic violence, childcare and parental leave have entered the mainstream of political debate instead of being seen as purely personal concerns. The importance of women’s amateur work has become accumulating visible in official economic statistics. So we must look get into cultural and community for creating this dream in actually. We are still on journey so we must continue this mission to achieve success. Feminismhas come along way and women definitely due have more rights. Women are so treated inferior to men in many aspectsin society but we can work and take one step at the time to improvethe conditions. In 2018 it was accepted that it will take another 100 years to achieve global generation equality. But in the year 2019 the number decreasesto 99.5 years. Eventhough the estimated number of years goes down it still isolated .The foremost important steps that ought to be taken regarding feminism is that to teach the next generation about feminism they all should aware about this , and increase femalerepresentation in positionsof power. Let’stake a demeanor and make gender equality a reality.


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