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Author: K.B.S. Venkat Sai, I year of B.A., LL.B. from Gitam university


ANS:-A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, raising living organisms for food or raw materials.

In our country, many Indian farmers come from rural areas to urban areas for their livelihood. By coming to urban areas, some of the farmers are becoming auto drivers, security guards. Some of them are sitting on the roadside and begging, but nobody cares about it. Why?

NOTE:- Many of our grandparents and parents say that "Annadatha Sukhibhava" This means the food who kept for us is not, who work hard for our country and all us... and that one is "Indian farmers." In our country committing suicides is becoming a trend for us. I think nearly more 100 farmers had committed suicide in the year 2017.

The present condition of the farmer is worst nowadays. We are hearing suicide news of farmers every week or month. The problem is they are not getting enough pay since the middlemen get most of the money.

Moreover, farmers do not have money to send their kids to school. Sometimes the situation gets so worse that they do not even have proper food. Thus farmers go into famine. As a result, they attempt suicide. To save farmers, our Government is trying to provide them with various privileges. Recently the Government has exempted them from all the loans. This helps them to at least have some earning apart from their profession.

Furthermore, the Government provides quotas (reservations) to their children. It ensures that their children get a proper education. All the children should get a decent education in today's world so that they get a chance to live a better life.

So I think it is the responsibility of every citizen of the India to take care of the farmer. This is not only the question to the government of India, this is the question to every citizen of our country.

A small story on Indian farmer

A farmer called Hari who lived in small village and his family has 2 acres land their village, and it is heart and soul of their family. But one day, one of the rich families staying in that village had come to the farmer and said that we will occupy the land and on that land will build a chemical factory. Still, the village people and farmer did not agree for that chemical factory because it will affect the small children and the old people. Even the rich person didn’t agree for that and started building the chemical factory. So the next day morning all village people and the village penchants had assembled in one place and started discussing the chemical factory.

Finally, they all decided to go to village head, but the head also couldn’t help the poor farmers. so at last because they didn’t agree to that five of the farmers have committed suicide ..... So by next day morning, the government had taken the action, and all the formalities are finished, but after few days the same history has repeated.

So by this story, I understood that if the farmers commit suicide or die only the government takes action, or else they don’t know who is the farmer only???......

Number of suicides of the farmers from different states

Maharashtra- 4,921


Madhya Pradesh-1,290


Andhra Pradesh-916

Tamil Nadu-606

The was the data collected in the 2018 survey. But with the farmer's present condition; we can analyze the increase in the number of suicide cases in our country. But in that 2018 survey only, we can see that almost 87.5% suicides attempts in the farming sector of our country.

An example of life of a farmer

A farmer who lives in a small village and in and in small hut, a farmer getups early morning and go to farming and works hard keeps his heart and soul to grow the crops like wheat and rice, like that he will be working till afternoon and takes break for lunch and again to the farming and works till the night. i can say that a farmer is equally opposite to a rich businessmen because a businessmen has tensions like what happens to business, what if business goes down etc... All tensions will be there, but for the farmer he/she will also have tensions like what if their rain is not falling, what if the crops are not growing ........etc this are tensions for a farmer. so, at last, I would say that it is every citizen of the India to be responsible towards the farmers also and please fulfill their needs. So that you are not only the farmer you are adding the growth to the Indian is like serving to the nation.

So please save the lives of the farmers.


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