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Author: Anjali Devi, II year of B.B.A.,LL.B. from Savitribai Phule Pune university (Army Law College, Pune)

In India there are nine different religions; does that mean that there are nine different ways to please God? Does God demand specific ways to worship him? If I would ask help from Allah being a Hindu would he refuse to help me? Who is god?

An annoying entity that is unhappy because a person who doesn’t worship him came to his home? Or an angry entity that will not help anybody other than the people who worship him? Who is he?

Well according to the internet youth, in theism, God is the one who created and sustained the universe, while in deism; God is the one, who created, but not sustained, the universe. In Pantheism, God is the one who considers itself as the universe. Hence I can presume that there is no accurate definition of god. So on what basis people are fighting that this land belongs to a specific god and not some other?

On 6 December 1992, Allah`s home was destroyed and the justification which was given for this obstructive act was that people are making ram`s home at that place. Ram and Allah are different: But are they? In that light, the diabolical act of demolition of Babri Masjid becomes a holy one. A piece of land raped religion as a whole! People in India are bound to their thinking towards god so much that they don’t know who he is. Let’s clear this huge misconception behind god’s identity that he is not a child who will throw tantrums about the roof over his head. People who participated in mob lynching during this monumental case proceeding,

I want to ask them, did ram tell you to do this or did Allah ordered you? The mentality of Indians is so broad! that they cannot define humanity over this piece of land. A mere land that at some time had incentives attached to ram and Babri masjid had such great power that it ruined humanity and created an inhuman environment. The dispute about this piece of land ashamed religion as a whole. What does religion as a language say? That their religion gives them the license to kill or torture any other human or that, a person from another religion should die to fight for their god? Amidst all this chaos, Indians have forgotten humanity.

A person illegally places the idol of Lord Ram in Babri masjid and suddenly the whole country is in chaos to fight for their god. As far as we know God does not want humans to fight for him.

It is presumed that there was a ram temple before Babri masjid. Well, who knows what existed before the ram mandir, but does that mean we'll destroy the temple and fight over another god?

On 9 November 2019, the Supreme Court finally cremated the Ayodhya conflict in a fair and balanced way as it stated in the judgment that the land belonged to Hindus and was given to them for temple construction. Another 5 acres of land (2.3 more than the land that was given to Hindus) as compensation, was given to the suni waqf board to build a mosque. The whole hatred which persisted for over 27 years was only for a small piece of land. This judgment didn’t give true justification to the people who sacrificed their lives for this. But can you imagine a 27-year-old dispute and got settled with just 5 acres of land? Great, now I think ram would be happy but what if Allah isn’t? The theories say that ram mandir was there before Babri masjid was good. Well according to that I must say before Jama masjid, Jamuna Devi mandir might be present. Before Red Fort (Lal Kila), lal kali mandir might be there. Before Taj Mahal, TajTilak Mandir might be there. So now what? Are Hindusgoing to destroy them all, as all gods might be upset that another god is worshipped in their place? People are unable to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right.

It’s not like Muslims are not favoured in our country they are the most pampered community in India. They have separate universities, they have a reservation and they also have good and favourable judgments of the court, this is a win-win situation for Muslims. If the demolition didn’t happen, Hindus wouldn’t get their temple and Muslims their new mosque. Think about this. Well, 20 crore Muslims over 137 crore Indians got twice the land for which they were fighting. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court showed an extreme case of hard work while drafting a 1045 page verdict. There is no doubt about what should be built on that land. The disputed land is situated in parts of the village of kot ram Chandra or as it is otherwise called Rajkot at Ayodhya in pargana haveli avadh of tehsil Sadar in the district of Faizabad. An old structure of a mosque existed at the site until 6 December 1992. This site has religious significance for the devotees of lord ram who believe that Lord Rama was born at the disputed site. On the other hand, the Muslims contended that a mosque was built by or at the behest of Babur on the vacant land. Though the significance of the site for Hindus is not denied, it is the case of the Muslims that there exists no proprietary claim. In 1950, a suit was instituted before the civil judge at Faizabad by a Hindu worshipper. Gopal Singh Visharad seeks a declaration that according to his religion and custom, God demands to be worshipped at its janmasthan. Until 29 December 1949, the disputed structure was a temple that was claimed by the nirmohi akhara, a religious sect amongst Hindus. On this date, an attachment was ordered under section 145 of criminal procedures 1898. In 1961, Uttar Pradesh Sunni central board of waqf and other Muslim residents in Ayodhya intuited a suit for declaration of their title to the disputed land. Until 23 December 1949 when a group of Hindus desecrated it by placing idols within the precinct of its three-domed structure with the intent to destroy damage and defile the Islamic religious structure. The case was first addressed by the high court on 30 September 2010 but the dispute remained unresolved and riots started between Hindu and Muslim communities. It thus concludes that faith and belief of Hindus since before construction of the mosque and after which there has always been that janmasthan of lord ram is the place where Babri mosque had been constructed this faith and belief is proved by documented and oral evidence discussed in the Supreme Court.

In the end, I want you all to think about one question: Is religion an obstacle to god?

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G Raahul
G Raahul
Aug 24, 2023

बहन अंजली देवी,

आपको सादर प्रणाम | आपने बहोत सुंदर लेख लिखा है| लेकीन एक बहोत बडी गलती अपने अपने इस लेख मी कि है| वो गलती है| अपने सिर्फ रेलीजेन के बारे मी बोला है| आपको धर्म के बारे में शून्य ज्ञान है| मेरी विनती है| कृपया धर्म का ज्ञान अगर आप इस लेख को लिखने से पहले प्राप्त करते तो आपको बहोत फायदा हुवा होता| कोई बात नही आपको सनातन धर्म कि व्याख्या मै दे देता हु|

इसमे सनातन शब्द का अर्थ है | जो आदि है | अनंत है| आदि क्या है? आदि प्रकृती है| प्रकृती क्या है? प्रकृती याने निसर्ग के नियम| जैसे पृथ्वी को कैसे पता कि सूर्य का चक्कर लगणा है? आज हमे पता…

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