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Author: Riddhi Sharma, V year of B.B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.) from Chanderprabhu Jain college of Higher Studies and school of law, affiliated to GGSIP University, New Delhi


The article highlights the issues and all the related aspects that cover the security concerns for the head of the State and try to convince that it is a serious agenda which should be looked upon rather than promoting politics out of it . By today with such a tech- savvy surroundings and hi-tech equipments , we are unable to keep an eye on such grave instances . It is a professional lag to the safety and security of country’s most powerful person which should be understood and decided with sagacity and with a libertarian outlook.


To everyone’s divine knowledge it is a well known fact that the Prime Minister and the President of a country deserves the highest and tight security when it comes to their tours in the national or international frontiers, because as the head of the states they are required to be guarded well off . But what happens if it happens to be a big security scare , as the convoy was stuck on a flyover for 15-20 minutes in Ferozpur district of Punjab on Jan 5, 2022 owing to protest by farmers when he was in his way to Hussaniwala village in Ferozpur district to address a political rally pertaining to Punjab Assembly elections. This whole instance is being referred to as Ferozpur blunder. The whole instance caught serious eye balls when an aggravated PM told officials to thank Punjab CM Shri Charanjit Singh Channi that he was able to return to Bhatinda Airport alive.

The whole matter involved a huge political controversy with same blame games with BJP to Channi expressing their own claims into the said matter. However FIR ‘s have been registered against more than 100 people in Ferozpur. It is a deep embarrassment to the nation, which unmasks a professional failure.


1. On Jan 5, PM Modi was pre scheduled to travel by helicopter to Ferozpur.

2. On account of bad weather , he set out by road instead, after landing to Bhatinda Airport from Delhi .

3. It has been well noted that the Special Protection Group who has the duty to guard the Prime Minister has shared the plan and notified earlier to the concerning state authorities that in case of the bad weather PM Modi have to travel by road and the route must be sealed and sanitised in that case. ( As we all know that the preeliminary duty to guard the PM of the country owes to the SPG commandos and they have to coordinate with the state police in cases of PM ‘s state rallies)

4. On the day of visit , intelligence inputs regarding the protests were being exchanged by the police personnel , still the route was not cleared .

Mr. Channi denied any breach and rejected the allegations that PM Modi’s life was in danger.

The visuals suggested that in the entire duration of 15-20 minutes , the policemen were enjoying tea as if it is a flyover tea party going on and also the eye witnesses claimed that the Police force stood empty – handed then what was that , nobody remarked a clearance of all such similar claims . The questions which erupted are as follows : -

1. How did PM Modi end up being stranded on a flyover?

2. Who is to blame for the security lapses?

3. And the most important of all , that Punjab was headed to the state elections: is there a political gameplay here?

The MHA forms 3- member panel to enquire into security lapse and also the Supreme court of India appointed a committee chaired by former judge , Justice Indu Malhotra to inquire into PM ‘s security breach.

This security breach has much more to analyse than being silent , for an armed vehicle its safety remains well built when it is mobile and not stationary , same applies to the case with VVIP convoy and it is definitely a pity and grave embarrassment that it happened with the PM of the nation, mobility and speed are the parameters which ensures that nobody can pinpoint the exact location and target the convoy by sniper, Rocket Launcher etc.

Those 20 mins were enough to declare that it was a kill zone for our PM as no movement was possible on the flyover, and even 30 seconds is enough to launch a ruinous attack with RLs or the flyover bridge would have been demolished by bombs . This is very shocking and evenly surprising that could it happen too ? and relating why? Worst nightmare for any competent and efficient protection agency like the SPG.

Diplomats across the world analyse this and will extract a dim picture of weak government in our country which is shown by a security lapse in providing protection to the most influential, important and powerful person of India as our claim as a regional power stands badly tarnished .

This will also affect ourselves in our day to day dealings with our Rival nations of Pakistan and China as they will extract an example of weak government.

Khalistan supporters will receive a huge boost and their morale will positively motivated for future attacks.

After the assassination of two of its PM ‘s


  • RAJIV GANDHI ,1991

PM Modi should not be treated like this as this will turn out to be as a mockery on the global stage of our security and safety failures. The fact to be noted was also that the convoy stucked on the flyover near Piarenna village, which is just 30 km from India- Pakistan border invites serious dangerous results for our PM . As per the government sources, one of the farmer protestors came close to about 150 meters from the PM ‘s cavalcade. The Punjab Police badly failed in order to give a safe passage to PM s convoy knowing that the area has always been on high alert due to detection of drones and tiffin bombs in the past.





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