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Updated: Dec 13, 2020


Birundha M, Medical student


A few years back there was an exam called AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test) conducted by CBSE, which was taken by medical aspirants. There were a lot of complaints about it. The question paper was leaked before the exam in several parts of the country. The real talented person didn’t get a medical seat. There were many private medical colleges which filled in admission receiving a high capitation fee of nearly 70 lakhs rather than merit basis. Medical education seemed the cry for the moon for the students from the low socio-economic background. To put an end to all these, then came NEET (conducted by NTA) which replaced AIPMT. The main aim of the NEET was to choose the best. Then it was made mandatory for every medical aspirant to qualify NEET to enter into a medical college. NEET had some disadvantages. So to rectify all those, NEET exam was conducted in languages like English, Hindi and every state’s local language. But AIPMT was conducted only in English and Hindi. NEET included a few questions from every state’s education board and CBSE. Things were made simple and easy. NEET served as an assessment for entering the medical field. A lot of students in Tamil Nadu get frustrated, which is not necessary. Due to the fear of examination three students committed suicide in Tamil Nadu. Suicide is not a solution. Face it sportive. Start working hard. ‘Nothing is impossible, because the word itself says I’m possible. Of course, preparing for NEET takes a lot of expenditure. There are many trusts to support students, take help from them or get loans and study. You can repay them later on.

Life is Precious

Every problem has a solution and killing on self is not a solution. Every parent would like to see their child alive. It is very disheartening when lives are lost, just because of exam fear. It is not a problem/big deal if you don’t get admission to a medical college. There are a lot of other fields, where you can prove yourself. Things that appear worse now, will not cause any change to the future life. Don’t consider yourself a loser. No one can play the role of you, better than you. Life is like a game, play it with enthusiasm. Kick-off all the things that appear challenging with hard work.

Hard work Matters

Even students who were average in academics during higher secondary school can crack NEET. If your heart desires to become a medico and is ready for hard work, when your mind is filled with determination, confidence and enthusiasm, scoring high in NEET become a piece of cake. Just try to make every day productive, it will be easier. Don’t give time for negative thoughts or dilemmas. And even if you couldn’t get a good score, try next year with confidence.


There should be a separate session about mental health issues in every school every week to prevent suicide. Students should be taught to face the world with confidence rather than sticking to academics. Hope the students in later years take up things sportively. It was suggested that students should improve their habit of reading self-help books. A book is a loyal friend; fill your room with good books. There is a famous quote, ‘a room without books is like a body without a soul’. There are some books like ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘The 5 AM club’, ‘The Secret’, ‘The Power’, ‘The Magic’, ‘The power of subconscious mind’, ‘The miracle morning’, ‘Think and grow rich’, ‘The five soulmate experience’, the above are some suggested self-help books. Everyone should read these books at least once in their life. Even though you are too busy, just spend at least 15 minutes daily to read books and read at least a minimum of 10 pages per day, it will help you to be successful. Be confident! Be an achiever!


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