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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Author: Diksha Gupta, Pursuing +2 (Science), Delhi Public School

A tiny bluish green speck in the ever expanding universe with a blanket of candy floss like clouds over it, enchanting flowers sprightly dancing to the tune of melodious breeze, the crystal blue waves lapping on the shore; is lost. There exists a trail of destruction where 'the shaft of beauty' is recklessly cut, the streams are murky and the big chimneys breathe out grim smoke making the air black, acrid and putrid. It gives me anguish to say that such atrocities have been brought about by humans. We are those fools who are 'wisely' over exhausting our resources for momentary gain but have forgotten that we are digging a perilous hole for ourselves. Such odious are we!

You think that you can destroy this planet? What treacherous walls of falsehood are you building around yourself! Earth is four and a half billion years old. Time may erase us but Earth will learn to adapt itself. Remember evolution is the constant change and nature, which has provided us with a plethora of beguiling creations, can very well protect herself. If we launch all the nuclear weapons at this moment, all plants and animals might die but not life. Life will start from a tiny bacterium somewhere in the volcanoes, stream or deep under the ocean. And in a million years this planet will again be thriving with life. Million years is not a big span of time in the history of Earth. But have you ever pondered what will become of the human race? If we go on polluting and giving pain to Earth, we will surely bear the consequences. As you sow, so shall you reap.

It mortifies me to say that the rise in mercury and sea waves has already affected billions of life. Global warming and pollution has led to forest fires, hurricanes, droughts, and storms. It is the problem faced by girl who walks an extra mile in quest of water. It is the sole reason for the loss of millions of life of farmers and failure of crops. Can you ever imagine or hear the cries of the thousands of meek animals who are dying because of us? All will deny this because we have closed our ears and shut our eyes. Why will the people living in small islands or near the coast will die or will be stranded in the near future due to the unabating rise in sea level? Is it fair? Who are we to snatch the lives of plants and animals from them? Who has given us the right to pollute the environment? Remember that nature can fulfill every human's need but not every man's greed.

Climate change has become an international humanitarian crisis which will spread its poisonous pangs in the whole world. It will not discriminate between developed and under developed people, rich and poor, white and black. We have two choices now - first to sit, relax and watch the twin destruction of Earth and the human race or we can take action, become advocates and ambassadors of nature and bring a change in lifestyle which are kinder to Earth and its people. It is never too ,ate to mend. Caring for nature and planting a sapling on Earth's day or taking part in marathon cyclones once in a blue moon or posting quotes on social media is of little effect. What should be done?

As world leaders and lawmakers it is our upmost duty to fight this problem and end this war. Let us all pledge to manufacture environment friendly products. As consumers, people can bring a myriad of changes by choosing biodegradable products. Buy less, use longer and recycle more. The problem to this solution cannot be found in seminars and conferences of scientists and world leaders.

The participation of the common masses is very crucial. Why not influence every people of your country to come forward and become members of a small platoon of individuals who are committed to usher towards the growth of friendly environs by taking small steps and making small changes so that this army of protectors of Earth becomes the largest collective force. These small steps can be using cloth bags instead of plastics, walking or cycling to shorter distances and planting trees or volunteering in clean-up drives. Tiny drops of everyone's concern and effort can create an epic sea of change. We have to understand that this environmental degradation is like a cancer which will obliterate the existence of life and mankind. Let us play the role of doctors and eradicate such parlous and disastrous malady.

Author's Biograph

Diksha Gupta is a teenager who lives to write and writes to live. Hailing from a small coastal town of Odisha, Balasore books have always worked like a magnet for her. She believes that pen is mightier than sword. She aspire to be a writer and let her voice, although as feeble it may be, to be heard which would like be a drop of water in the sea of constructive work done by plethora of people from all walks of society. Currently she is studying in Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi and pursuing +2 science. She want to become a doctor and a writer when she grow up.


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