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Author: Siddharth, pursuing BBA.LLB from Geeta Institute of Law


Female Foeticide is the worst culture of our India in previoustime. But today our Prime minister of India Narendra Modi Ji starts the best campaign to destroy this worst culture. He started a campaign named BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO. Female foeticide is defined as aborting a female baby in mother’s womb.

They can’t realize the pain of a mother who is growing up her baby to give birth. But in pressure of a family, friends and our bad society she would aborting her baby in a grief & painful situation. This type of bad people destroy the best feeling of a woman who is growing up her baby to give a birth.


Our India is a very religious & cultural. But in the case of a girl. Is India very cultural& religious?This is my question for you buddy? Because in India many gods are exist here like MAA KALI, MAA SARASWATI, MAA PARWATI, MAA SHERAWALI and many gods. We should these gods. We called these gods MAA. Because they are gods. Everyone would respect their gods but they forget that these gods are female.

Because Maa is a mother & mother is a female. A baby is the blessings of a god whether a boy or girl. Because a god can’t be partial in a boy or girl. Then why such people want only son not a daughter.

This type of people killed their female child in a mother’s womb. This type of people can’t be afraid of gods. But they always show that they are very religious and cultural. They always want money. They thought that a girl is a burden for his family & that’s why they killed their daughter in a mother’s womb.

They forget that a lord of a money is MAA LAKSHMI & she is also a female. A daughter is a blessings of Maa Lakshmi they can’t realize about it and killed the blessings of a god in the way of a daughter. Then why people always wants god is kind for him.

We always says that universe is placed under the foot of a mother. Is it true? If is it true then why such people would kill their daughter in mother’s womb. A mother is also a daughter. In this way we should destroy our universe. To kill a daughter people should just hurt the feeling & emotions of a mother. When a child got died a mother is became emotionless her happiness is gone with her child.

A child is everything for a mother. So we need to save the girls for our mother’s happiness. A daughter is grown up then she became a sister, a mother, a wife. When we killed a daughter always remember that we would also kill a mother, a sister, a wife in a way of daughter. Losing a child a mother would also loosing her soul.


Female foeticide is an offence. In today’s time parents finds out in advance the sex of a child. This is illegal work because find out the sex of a child in advance is banned in India. But some of the doctors do this illegal work to fulfill their money desires. This work is banned in India because some people kill their child in a mother’s womb if their baby is a girl. They don’t know the value of life for a girl child. They kill the all feelings of a mother.


Today women are independent. Today girls have liberty to take participate in every sport, to do jobs and many more things to do what they love. Now they are moving from the four walls of the house.Mithali Raj one of the best woman cricketer in the world. She is the highest run scorer in the world. Geeta & Babita Phogat is the best women wrestler of India. They are sisters and win the gold medal in Olympics.

Mithali Raj she is Indian women cricket team captain. She is the highest run scorer in the world. She brightens up name of India in the whole world. She is also a part time bowler. In the team of India every cricketer played very well. Jhulan Goswami she is best bowler in the world. She is right arm fast bowler. She is the highest wicket taker in the world. These women are the pride of our nation.

They are brighten up the name of India in the World. Rani Lakshmi Baiwas thequeen of Jhansi. Everyone Knows about the sacrifice of her for India. She was the freedom fighter of our India. Everyone knows that she can’t afraid of anyone.

They are the pride of our nation. They are the role model for every Indian. And one more thing Mahavir Singh Phogat is the father of Phogat sisters. He trained her daughters for wrestling to win gold medal for India. He isn’t that type of man who destroy the life of his daughter in the four walls of the house. Such people should need inspire from him who destroy the future of his daughter in the four walls of the house. We can proudly say that girls are the pride of our nation.

These heinous killings of the girl child are advocated mainly on two grounds. One of them is the preference culture. Many people believe that female foeticide takes place because of the preference of a male child. They preferred boys because they provide manual labor and they are the food earners of the family.

They will exceed the family generation. In a family a boy is always considered as an “property” and a girl as a “liability”. The second reason is the financial burden. In India it is considered that having a daughter is a great financial burden. A huge amount of money has to be spent on daughter’s marriage. Sometimes people take loans for her daughter’s marriage. Due to this reasona daughter is considered as a financial burden.


To destroy this worst culture of female foeticide our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji takes a huge step. And starts a campaign named BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO.Becauseour prime minister knows the value of every life. Everyone wants a sister, a mother, a wife, why not a daughter?Please save girls because every life is important respect girls. We need to change.


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