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Every child wants to be the star of there parents

The society, in which we are living only want their child to be excellent without knowing what their child want to do and how they are feeling like they want to be a part of this race or not. Expectation is something that is creating a gap between the bond of parents and their child. Today, each and every parent is letting their child to be in the race of competition irrespective of their want and ability. The pressure which is on the generation to be the best and to fulfill the expectations of their parents is letting them towards anxiety and depression.

This situation is further aggravated by the education system by imposing much more academic pressure for showing there excellence without measuring the capacity and ability. The education system mostly focuses on the performance of student in exam irrespective of fact that the student is getting concept or just acting as a rattutota.


Every parent want their child to be the best and to stand in the society for which somewhere they are suppressing the talent of their child to make them focus on their academics. The comparison with the other child is somewhere demotivating their own child and making them to think that they are not able to fulfill the expectations of their parents, this is also the reason of unemployment as 70% of the generation is working in the direction in which they have least interest and they are on that path only for their parents to be a star in there parents eyes. Every parent want their child to be better thansharmajika beta. Many of the students who are in a particular field even don’t know why they are studying that subject and what they want to do in that field. Passions like writing, photography, sketching, dancing, etc. are just hobby and can’t be an employment as these are not acceptable as a profession in the society, some parents want to support their children but then they also think that chaar log kyakahenge, which make them to get back there support. In the race of expectation, parents are not able to understand that what their children want to do and to be. The ‘generation gap’ and ‘what others will think’, these things are creating barrier in between the parents and their children.


Institutions want to make toppers irrespective of the fact that the students are really able to do all that work or are they really getting concepts or just learning them to make a good score. In school, teachers mainly focus on the textbook rather than the practical knowledge and only expect to memorize the concepts and after that the other pressure to do other works after school time, for more enhancement of knowledge, after school, maximum students go to tuition’s. In between all this, the school forgets that the student should get time to focus on other activities also and also focus on mental as well as physical health. They have to focus to get better college for further education which is a type of pressure on them in that small age.

In colleges, the students have to attend a long tiring sessions and after that they have to make assignments, presentations, other works which are assigned to them, they are not getting time to be mentally fit. Most of the students of this age are found depressed due to the pressure of good performance and career. In this way the pressure continues from the time of school to institution and led students to go on such path of anxiety and depression.


To curb this situation, everyone have to play some role, both teachers and parents.

Parents can do

  • Parents can ask their children that what they want to do in life, can discuss about their career.

  • If the child is having some pressure and anxiety then parents should have a word with them that whatever will happen, they are with them.

  • Parents have to accept the fact that every child is different in its own way and should not compare their child with others.

  • Parents should focus on the positive things and must appreciate them on even there small success which will build confidence in them.

  • Parents should think about the impression of their words on their children before uttering them, sometimes some words let the child feel that they are not capable of doing that specific thing and needs some appreciation from their parents.

  • Parents have to place the profession and there happiness above the society, society is not going to take care of that child and going to give them bread and butter.

  • Parents should discuss the future plans of their child like what they want to do, how they want to do, they will be able to feed themselves and their family by what they are planning to do.

  • Parents should tell the pros and cons of everything, they should never impose their dreams but always maintain a balance between the dreams of their children and of them.

Teachers can do

  • Teachers should focus more on practical knowledge of student than theoretical knowledge.

  • Teachers should acknowledge the efforts of students in that particular work and always encourage them to do much better.

  • Teacher should make the environment of class as such that the student should feel free to express their views.

  • Teachers should educate their students about time management, how to make a balance between their educational and social life.

  • Teachers should give assignments and projects alternatively so as to reduce the burden of student and letting them to have some time for other activities also.

  • Teachers should teach students to write qualitative work and not quantitative work, they should teach the importance of giving quality content.

  • Teachers should concentrate on the deeper understanding of student rather than only giving notes to them of that specific topic.


In this decade of stress, anxiety and depression which are leading them to suicides and other harmful activities, parents, teachers and other closed once should observe the activities and changes in their child/student and must have a word with them, maybe that child want to express something. It’s needed to reduce the parental as well as academic pressure on that child. Its needed to appreciate the child when they are doing something good rather than comparing their success with other. We must observe the obstacles that students are having in their path of success and if we are not able to solve them then must at least wave its back for solving that on their own. We must appreciate its profession what they are planning to do irrespective of position and package, happiness and dedication of child matters the most. Every child is unique in their own way with some special talent and we must appreciate that talent at every point.


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