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Author: Anjali Devi, II year of B.B.A., LL.B. from Savitribai Phule Pune university (Army Law College, Pune)


April 16, 2020

Important date,

Do you know what happened on this date?

Death of humanity,

Yes, you read it right we lost humanity on this date. From raping a girl & leaving her with her intestine out, Ankit Sharma’s brutal death case to Palghar lynching, beating two saints to death we lost the meaning of it.

Saints of Juna Akhara Chikne Maharaj Kalpavrukshagiri, Sushilgiri Maharaj and their car driver Nilesh Talgade were driving to a funeral to Surat when a group of villagers in Gadchinchle located in Dahanu Taluka stopped their car and attacked them with stones, logs and axes. They were beaten to death. What was their crime? Going to a funeral? Or they were innocent saints?

Reports clearly stated that police officers and many politicians were present at the site of the lynching. Couldn't they have stopped this adversity then and there? For I don't see why those police officers were not capable of controlling a crowd or maybe enlighten them with the truth of saints not being thieves. Now that the news of this infelicity is spreading nationwide suddenly politicians become vigilant and actions are being taken by filing FIR against the people who are asking the question.

The Palghar police arrested 101 people who have been remanded in police custody on April 30. Nine juveniles have been sent to a remand home at bhiwandi in the neighbouring thane district.

Is this the future we are looking for in our country?

This murder happened on the 16th of April but surprisingly no one came to know about it till 21st April. And they come to our responsible media, keeping their mouth shut from the past seven days because this issue doesn’t fetch them TRP for their channel.

This incident was planned otherwise how 500 people under lockdown can gather at one place at the same time, people are using their power and hate and encouraging the mob to take such steps even then our cyber cells in police stations are not taking much action to take steps, because this is not a VIP case.

Humanity is lying on a bed and taking its last breath because of these heinous acts. But people are still worried about TRP. After humanity lost its battle to cruelness I guess Hindutva also surrendered to the secular state. In a country consisting of the majority of Hindus, not a single one stood up for them, stood up for the innocent people who were brutally murdered because of political grievances.

The politicians are misusing their power to keep their dirty secrets hidden in the closet. But the truth always finds a way to reveal itself and now that we know what happened we are left with questions haunting our minds. Questions that put Hindutva, Secularism and humanity to shame.

Now, where is Hindutva or does it only show up when a girl is wearing a short dress? Then the culture awakens and Hindutva comes to address the society about its ideologies but now when there is an actual issue in our head, where is secularism? Or does it too only bother to come into consideration when Shaheen Bagh, Jamia Islamia protests happen?

India is a secular country. Well, it didn't seem so secular when Ankit Sharma, an intelligence Beuro officer was murdered or when these two saints were mob lynched & brutally beaten to death.

What was the reason behind this which made Hindus kill saints? This shows there is no respect for the human being in their religion and this is somewhere humanity inside us is dying.

Since when did the insinuation from a political party start to outweigh the value of humanity & compassion?

Today the whole country is drowning in tears but no one dares to question the authorities for if they do god knows what might happen to them they are put under threat, they are ordered to silence their voices or FIR can also be filed against them. It’s sad to see all those promising rights bestowed upon us our freedom fade into nothing.

This is the value of saints in the country surrounded by the Hindu majority but not one person to stand up for them? It’s been seven days and not a single person is who might be trying to make sure that justice should be served to them.

The people who shed tears on the condition of terrorists will not say a word today and they call themselves Indians!! People who moan about shaheen bagh, CAA and student's protest will now stay shut just because this is something about innocent saints. The clarity to this statement is that on the bigger picture if you can see by keeping aside the religious agendas. Saints are saints no matter Hindu or Muslimetc., Today they are Hindus tomorrow it can be others.

This Communal harvest will keep going on like this, yes! Communal harvesting from mob lynching a Muslim in Jharkhand to mob lynching two sadhus in Palghar this is the harvesting going on nowadays under the influence of political barbaric acts.

We can see that even our constitution declares the country to be secular but somehow people are being fuelled up by some bunch of traitors. No strict laws for lynching as such cases are frequently coming from past two years, but still no laws regarding this, this encourages people to take such steps. The first mob lynching case in India came in 2015 in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh it’s been five years still we don’t have any laws against lynching.

India is one of the countries which is slow in making laws, and by any chance, if they are made then also there’s a huge gap between legislature and execution, hence how many lives we have to sacrifice till these types of laws will come in execution in our country. Everyone has the right to live with dignity, basic human rights well all of these were violated by the lynching of those people.

Will in the audience of this nation by any chance the rebirth of Ram will take place that will save our humanity from these monsters who don’t know what humanity is?

Maybe we all need to develop the Ram inside of us and stand together in these trying times. Stand for all the innocents out there who could not protect themselves from the cruelty of some mindless antagonists and stand so that our future generations never come across such disheartening times.

It is easy to sit in front of a television bragging about what you could've done if you had the power but when it is put to test sadly everyone fails. But now it's time for action because we have the power. The power of the internet, the power of our voices, the power of rights given to us and above all the power of love for fellow beings and it is high time to put them to good use. My heart goes out to the poor family members who are left devastated and shattered after this shameful incident. But I'll wipe my tears because these won't get me answers. I'll use my voice as a weapon and seek justice for them. I am an Indian I’ll ask questions for those until I get the answers.

What was the crime of those innocent saints who were brutally murdered? What was their fault?

They deserve justice, which you & I together will make sure they do.

Jai Hind!


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