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Author: Anjali Singh, II year, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida

A book should not be judged by its cover, but certainly, its index can give you great insight.

The inspiration of writing this article assimilated in me after going through 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. In this article, I will try to share something from the book, which created a profound effect on my brain. Napoleon Hill has incredibly and very eloquently shared his wisdom he gathered in his long conservations with Andrew Carnegie (an industrialist and a philanthropist who expanded the American steel industry and became one of the richest Americans in history) henceforth without wasting an iota of time, let us learn straightaway.

Money cannot eradicate all sorts of sufferings, but it can help you in having your experiences more vivid and beautiful and also it can produce great esteem in you, as it signifies your achievements too.

Napoleon Hill in this book talks about some of the great personalities who have used this secret to unlock their best potentials and have never failed again. He claims that ALL The big achievements all earned money is seeded in a thought. In his work, he has referred to many real-life successes and decoded them to show the umpteen importance of thought and in particular, the desire to back that thought, and inputting all the effort required with whatever resource you possess leaving everything aside in the way of achieving your dream and more importantly translating your vision into reality.

When you keep that burning desire, even when failure seems to be approaching you, something magical happens. He claims when the riches come, they always strike in abundance, that they put people in the dilemma, how were they living oblivious to riches. He emphasised being "SUCCESS CONSCIOUS"

There is a difference between a 'wish and desire' you cannot go ahead and achieve your vision with a wish unless desire drives you. You need to make a plan as to how are you going to get the riches, and in what amount and have an optimistic attitude that soon you will achieve what you are looking for...

The Big question- Do you believe in what you are asking for? Are you ready to proceed in the direction of achieving that or it's just an illusion, if you only don't believe that then how the nature around you will believe that?


If I ask you what is a desire for you?

Take a pause...think about it, some people might say the happening of an event or a thing most probably in near future or want to have something, now think if I would have asked instead

What is a wish for you?

Then the answers would have been quite the same Now, GO BACK and PONDER over it, that many of us don't have a distinction in our mind between a desire and a wish, let me put it in simple words for you.


Guys and gals, if you want something and if you wish for it then most certainly nothing is going to happen but if you develop a burning desire for it, and most importantly you believe in it, you have faith in it, that no matter what this will happen, I will do it, I will achieve it, I will take steps in direction of converting this burning desire into reality with all the available resources which I have right now, instead of making excuses, you will get it no matter.


We humans have the capability of transforming thoughts into things, yes, what we think we with our thoughts transmits it into nature and that is why what is inside you, is around you.


Mother Nature bows to a burning are born in a particular situation, you might be rich, you might be poor, you might have born disabled or handicapped, for there are examples of people who haven't accepted to bow down in front of their disabilities, Helen Keller is one such example who is a symbol of courage was born deaf, blind and who is also known for her autobiography-

'The story of my life'

But how you lead your life is in your thoughts, your beliefs and your faith over them...

Whereas to understand, wish the Assume Brain to possess an Instant gratification monkey along with a rational driver. Desires operate through rational drivers understanding the dynamics of achieving success but the instant gratification monkey has nothing intrigue with being successful but it wants to seek temporary pleasure by satisfying the superficial ego.


Mates, people often confuse their WILD WISHES WITH BURNING DESIRES are something which makes you relentless like LOVE it will fetch active actions it will break the dormancy of your conscious and subconscious realities on the other hand WILD wishes will make you deadly dormant with your random thoughts full of fears. THOUGH IF FRUIT OF DESIRE DOESN’T REAP doesn't consider it as ' God is not listening to you' rather it implies that "you are not ready for it yet!".

If a person is in a great position or achieves something overwhelmingly big, then people instantly entitles him to be fortunate or his fate is to be full of serendipities", implicitly ignoring his work ethics, mindset, and the way he dealt with the odd in his situations, through this article, want to unleash the truth in my subjectivity:

Guys and gals, believe it or not our mind, our thoughts, our belief system is so powerful that we can achieve anything under the sun, which is achieved by any other member of species homo sapiens or be the first. Our subconscious brain is immensely powerful, it can retain 'n' number of thoughts experiences, by affecting our subconscious in the desired way, we can manifest our heart's elation, we can make great money, living standards and relations.


We should not plan under any emotion, we should always try to attain the flow, according to the author Flow is the state where your plans sync with the possibilities of what attainable in the stint you have planned for.


Here comes the most important learning, even if you didn't get positive results out of that plan, then it doesn't mean that you cannot achieve a goal, rather your planning is at fault, the need of the moment is to change the former plan with a new plan and if that one also fails than it's time for an another one until you attain flow, so, the key here is PERSISTENCE

This life-transforming book contains myriad of clandestine truth and suave strategies, which can change naive into a suave, I believe to apply these principles in your life to attain the humongous success you should read and constantly refer to "THINK AND GROW RICH"


Author's Biography

Anjali Singh is currently pursuing Law, a passionate reader, often writes to fathom the depth of understanding. Linkedin details

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Arti Shukla
Apr 02, 2021


Keep writing, and inspiring us..

Please write simillar article, on Emotional intelligence book.


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