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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

By R. Sanjay Rakul, III year B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.), Sastra Deemed to be University

As all of the records declare that India is the best nation with cohesion in variety with extra integrity, so much stuff was accomplished without problems in India in contrast with many different international locations of the world. But the prevailing superstitions are the important social trouble which restricts the humans from accepting the notable deals. The important idiotic custom present when you consider that generations within side the societal catch are the caste system, that is not anything however a vain personified individual a few of the notion of many harmless civilians. India's caste system is the world's longest surviving hierarchy. It remains in the debate as to why the caste system is being practised in our stunning nation although it is preying on the lives of many individuals. On validating the legality of the caste system in exercise, it violates the object 14 - proper to equality of the charter of India. Yet it's been training when you consider that year. According to a record through Human Rights Watch, “Discriminatory and cruel, inhuman, and degrading remedy of over a hundred sixty-five million humans in India has been justified on the premise of caste”. Here the query arises, what are caste and the way it turned into shape?

Caste is described as a conventional system of inflexible social stratification into ranked companies described through descent and profession. It turned into shaped through humans following a positive profession for generations to follow up. Caste divisions in India dominate in housing, marriage, employment, and fashionable social interaction-divisions which are strengthened via the exercise and chance of social ostracism, monetary boycotts, and bodily violence. It additionally paves approaches for political mismanagement and performs an essential position in politics. The system has brought about the higher castes being privileged over the decreasing castes, which had been regularly repressed through the ones better up at the caste scale. Studies display that Tamil Nadu by itself there are hundreds of thousands of instances of violence beneath caste primarily based standards.

In December 2012 about 268 dwellings – huts, tiled-roof and one or -room concrete homes of Dalits of the Adi Dravida community close to Nayakkan Kottai in Dharmapuri district of western Tamil Nadu had been torched through the better-caste Vanniyar. The sufferers have alleged that ‘destruction’ in their homes and livelihood sources has taken place.

In December 2012, in case of caste violence, guys named Akbar Ali and Mustafa Ansari had been overwhelmed by Muslims. In April 2013, violence broke out among the villagers alongside East Coast Road close to Marakkanam and people journeying to Vanniyar dominant caste accumulating at Mamallapuram. A mob indulged in placing hearthplace to homes, four buses of TNSTC and PRTC. Three humans had been injured in police firing. Traffic turned into closed in ECR for a day.

In December 2016, a Hindu Munnani Union Secretary and 3 of his accomplices gang-raped, and murdered a 17-year-vintage minor Daily female in Keezhamaligai village, Ariyalur district. The police discovered that the Hindu Munnani functionary turned into angry over the decrease-caste Dalit female who insisted to marry her after she was given pregnant with him. The guys additionally pulled out the fetus from her womb. Later, her frame turned into determination in the decomposed nation in a proper together with her arms tied, stripped of all rings and clothes.

On May 28, 2018, Dominant caste Hindus had been “enraged” that Dalits did now no longer gift temple honours to a higher-caste family, and a Dalit guy sat cross-legged in the front of higher-caste guys. Dominant caste contributors additionally had been enraged while Dalits protested the sale of marijuana within side the vicinity through humans from a neighbouring village and intimidated and threatened the Dalits. When the Dalit caste protested the intimidation and threats from the dominant castes withinside the village with the neighbourhood police in retaliation a gang of 15 dominant caste contributors raided the Dalit village at night time attacking humans indiscriminately killing 3 and injuring six. Likewise, the crime fee will increase each day withinside the call of caste. Honour killing, untouchability are nevertheless in exercise due to the caste system.

Benefits of abolishing caste system:

As said above the following caste violates the object 14 of the charter, subsequently, there could be no critical problem in abolishing the caste standards within side the social dilemma. It may even furnish diverse benefits.

1. Even the reservation quota presents the possibility to all of the caste, it's far immoral within side the eyes of equality. The reservation lets in restrained quotas to every caste class and subsequently the others beneath that possibility misplaced their possibilities of being decided on in that. On abolishing caste, there could be a best advantage quota that is even greater ethical than reservation. And the controversy on the constitutional validity of reservation quota could become a quit due to the fact thereafter no want for any reservation.

2. Caste primarily based vote in politics will come to a quiet and they all could have reflected on consideration on the cost in their vote. The opposite of the democratic spirit may have vanished. Thereafter the politics could be plenty greater than a gift.

3. The rate of crime towards ladies and honour killing will progressively begin to lower and all of the inter caste marriages may be accredited in addition to love through all of the parents. The justice may also be furnished with none partiality and there could be no area for any feasible biased questions on the judgement.

4. There could be no want for community certification. And the discrimination begins off evolved to fall in the back of there itself. No want for community fame in any respect at any establishments and each man or woman could be dealt with similarly with none bias. The application may be drafted lifting over the community column.

5. No community protest, debate on the department of labour could come to a quit. Community violence will vanish from society.

Thus many seen and treasured blessings will popup within side the society. It is not possible to abolish the caste system absolutely at the gift. But it's far feasible to eliminate slowly. For the approaching generations, there could be no caste and any discrimination. Even though it's far a debate, it's far feasible to eliminate the caste system absolutely to the destiny generations. At least their lives will let in light to our nationality.


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